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What happens when we die? Is there an afterlife? What is a ghost? Why do some places become haunted and others do not? Can the dead really interact with the living? How can modern technology be best used document paranormal activity?

These are just some of the questions Tucson Paranormal Research (TPR) is trying to answer.

Current Research Projects

EVP Field Recording Study
This on-going study investigates new technologies and procedures for recording Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) at allegedly haunted locations under controlled conditions. Emphasis is placed not only on recording technologies but also on minimizing perceptual bias in the listen / evaluation phase.

Architectural Anomalies of Allegedly Haunted Locations: Place Memory
Why do some locations become haunted while others do not? This study examines the physical properties of allegedly haunted locations. Architectural design, building materials, construction methods, building histories and the Feng Shui of locations are analyzed, recorded and cross referenced to attempt to find commonalties.

Media and the Paranormal
What impact does the popular media have on reports of paranormal activity? The number, frequency and content of case requests and reports of paranormal activity are plotted against the release of new movies, TV shows and books that deal with the paranormal.

Personality Traits and Family Histories of Paranormal Experiencers
Do people that report experiencing a paranormal event have common personality traits and/or family histories? Participants complete a "big 5" personality assessment along with other standardized questionnaires and participate in a workshop to create family trees and histories.

Environmental Factors and Paranormal Encounters
Do local environmental conditions have a role in the reports of paranormal activity? This study uses a wide range of environmental monitors under highly controlled conditions to measure and document environmental conditions at allegedly haunted locations and control sites.

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